Sunday, September 16, 2012

Accomplishments and Setbacks

This weekend I participated in the Al’s Run and Walk for Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.  It was really something to see the turnout, about 14,000 people wereIMG_1115 there to run or walk to support the hospital.  I did the 5K walk, although there was also an 8K walk as well.  With this being one of my first walks I opted for the shorter version.  I finished it in about 50 minutes or so.  Once I got home from the walk I wanted to go for a run, although my lungs just weren’t seeming up to it, which really surprised me since I had gone for a run the previous morning and did great.  I’ve been getting over a cold, so maybe that has something to do with it, not just a head cold, but it’s been in my lungs too.

Tonight I also went for a run, although I ran into similar issues where I just couldn’t go as long.  I had eaten dinner around 4:30, and went out around 6:30.  I’m thinking I should have either waited to eat, or waited longer to run.  Tomorrow it’s supposed to rain, so I’m not planning on getting out to run since I have some things to get done around the house, but Tuesday I’m going to get out again, hopefully the outcome will be better.  I felt like I was doing so well for a while, and now I feel like I’m starting out again.  It looks like when I’m actually running I’m keeping a 12:00 min/mi pace, it’s just keeping that going without walking that I’m striving for.

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