Sunday, October 28, 2012

Brrr… It’s Cold Outside!!

I’ve been keeping up my training even as the temperatures outside have fallen.  The past couple days it’s been in the 30’s on my morning runs.  I took a couple days off this week since my knee has been bothering me, but was able to get back out there yesterday.  I didn’t run as fast and as long as I normally would have, but I at least wanted to see if I could keep going. I managed to get outside to run this morning as well, although I could tell my knee was still not quite right.

The Jingle Bell Run is next Sunday, and I want to make sure I can at least participate.  I’m not concerned about doing that well, it’s just one of those things I signed up for and want to be able to complete.  I’m hesitant to see a doctor about my knee, I’ve injured it before, years ago, and they always tell me to ice/heat it, take an anti-inflammatory (Aleve, Ibuprofen, etc), and strengthen my leg muscles.  I think I’m going to go back to the gym so I can use the strength training equipment to work on that, as well as with winter coming, I want to start using the track.  I’m still going to try to make it outside on days that I can, as I understand road running is much different than running on a track or treadmill indoors.

Happy running!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

New Distance Record!

This morning I went out for my Saturday run, which has become regular in my schedule.  It was a little chilly, but that quickly went away once I got running.  My intent was to run 3.1 miles and see if I could improve my time.  While it’s not all about time for me, it is a way I can measure my fitness level.

Once I got through the 3.1 miles I decided to keep going to make it 4 miles.  I’m going to have to push myself if I want to improve, and I really want to do a quarter marathon next summer, and then a half marathon next fall.  I’m glad to say I got through the 4 miles in about 55 minutes.  My overall pace was 13:56 min/mi, which I’m very proud of.  I’m happy to be under that 14:00 mark that I was above for so long.  I did have to stop to walk a couple times, but overall I think I did a great job.

Since I accomplished 4 miles I’m confident that I’ll be able to do the quarter marathon in June.  By that time I should also be conditioned even better and ready to tackle the half marathon I have planned out.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ran My First 5K

Today I ran my first 5K, the Get Your Rear in Gear – Milwaukee for the Colon Cancer Coalition.  My father died from colon cancer almost 13 years ago, so it meant something to me to be able to participate and work toward a cure.  I’ve been training to run a 5K since the middle of August, or so, and I’ve definitely seen improvement.  This was my first real race.

This morning the weather was somewhat threatening.  The race started at 8:30, and when I was leaving the house at 7:00 it was pouring pretty good.  It looked like there might be a break in the rain at some point, and a little rain never hurt anyone.

My running partner met up with me, and as she got in the car I said, “Are we crazy?”  I was kidding of course, but it was a little nuts, considering the weather was kind of crummy, but onward!

There were fewer people at the race due to the weather, but still a fair number turned out, which was good because it wasn’t too crowded.  When we started we took off pretty well, but not too fast.  I haven’t been able to run straight through a 5K yet, so I did have to stop a couple times along the way, but not too much.  We finished the race in just under 41 minutes.  I have yet to see my official time.

It was a great accomplishment and supported a good cause.  Our next race is in about 3 weeks, the Jingle Bell Run, to support the arthritis foundation.  I’m looking forward to it and hoping to improve on my race time.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Running at Night

Tonight I decided to try running at night.  I got home from work a little later than I’d have liked because I had to make a couple stops on the way home, and then I had to get my laundry done.  After all that I figured I’d go out for my run.  I got a couple new long sleeved running shirts yesterday that I wanted to try out.  I got all geared up, had my blinking arm band on, put the pepper spray in my back pocket (just in case, you never know..) my phone strapped to my other arm because I don’t have many pockets, and a flashlight in hand so I could see where I’m going next.  I live in a rural area without many street lights, and there are woods and farmland around.  I think I’m more concerned with the wildlife in the woods, there probably aren’t bears, but I’d hate to run into a coyote or something else like that.  Just the wind in the leaves, and not knowing what’s around me just freaks me out a little bit.  I made a half mile lap around the apartment complex and then came back in.  I figure if I go out again, I just need to do 6 laps for my 3 miles that I’m training for, but I think I’m going to try to stick to daylight.  As it gets closer to winter I know the days will get shorter, but I’ll hang in there as long as I can.  In December my gym membership picks back up, so I can run on the track in there when it comes time, I just want to keep my road running going too.