Thursday, November 1, 2012

High Expectations

When I started running earlier this fall, I don’t know that I had intended to enter into races.  Sure, they inspired me, and part of what got me going might have been the benefit walks I was doing, but I don’t think I ever saw myself as a competitor.  Now I’m sitting here wondering if I can train for a half marathon in 6 months.  The Door County Half Marathon is May 4th, 2013.  All I’ve run so far is a single 5K, my second one is this coming Sunday.  My average pace was around 13 min/mi, which isn’t great, but it’s more than the minimum required to finish.  The farthest I’ve run is 4 miles.  Part of me says just do that 3 more times, plus a little more and you’ve got a half marathon.  The other part of me says it gets harder the further you go.

I’m one of those people who believes if other people can do something, so can I.  We’re all human.  My plan is to see how far I can run before the end of the year and then decide if I’m going to enter the half marathon, otherwise there’s a 5K option I can enter instead.  I wish there was a 10K.

The other thing I’ve been struggling with is knee pain.  I think I have runner’s knee, based on all the descriptions I can find.  I went back to the gym and started using the strength equipment, so that should help build some muscle to support my knee better, I just hope that does the trick.  It is starting to feel better, this is week 3 of the knee pain and I went for a light jog this past weekend, but otherwise have been keeping pressure off of it, just using the stationary bike at the gym for cardio.

I guess I’ll see how the run on Sunday goes, and where the next month takes me.

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