Sunday, May 19, 2013

Ann’s Hope

This morning I had a 5K for Ann’s Hope at the Milwaukee Zoo.  The run was at 8am, and it was about 60 degrees outside, but pretty humid.  I finished in around 40 minutes, a little worse than two weeks ago in Door County, but I’m still happy with my time.

I really need to start running more during the week.  I’ve been running when I’m able, but I have the quarter marathon coming up in 4 weeks and while I probably could have kept going today, I was a bit tired at the end.  Also, it will be warmer in a month, so I have to get used to running in warmer weather.

My next run is the Vince Lombardi Run/Walk for Cancer.  Last year I walked it, and it was my first walk for anything like that.  My running partner and I agreed last year that this year we would be running it, and sure enough, we will be.  I’m looking forward to it.

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